Stephen Thompson 

Personal Trainer & Weight Loss Consultant in and around Bristol, Newport & Cardiff


Hi, I’m Stephen

Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Coach

I wasn't drawn to fitness due to being born with a natural 8 pack and a gift for never-ending pull ups! I was drawn to it because I grew up in Hackney (one of the roughest boroughs in London) and needed to get tougher, more confident, faster and stronger. Though it started with a need for self-preservation, it turned into a thirst for knowledge that took me to the top Sports Science University in the UK (Loughborough) and blossomed to a place whereby I have helped literally thousands of people to improve their performance and eating habits. Whatever your reason for starting personal training, this is really one of the best investments you can make to your health and happiness...


Personal Training

When you start with me, I provide not just a blueprint of training until you reach your goal, I also show you exactly what to eat, drink, how to move and maintain motivation. Each client I work with has a specific goal, and as such an individualised solution. I work with you to excite, engage and empower you on the journey. I use my knowledge and skills to show how you can get there and keep you accountability so you remain consistent. We will train at your home or outside in the fresh air in a park nearby. You will not only be training progressively and efficiently but I’m going to teach you how to train, eat and live a healthier life. I believe in educating my clients so that one day they will have the motivation and knowledge to be able to train themselves safely and effectively and maintain this themselves.

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He understands the goals you're trying to achieve, mixes things up to keep you motivated and never lets you cheat a rep; I definitely work an extra 10% harder with him!



My workouts with Stephen are always brilliant. He’s resourceful and inventive: he keeps challenging me to go a bit further than I think I can.



Stephen can think on his feet. He picks up on problem areas and orchestrates the sessions to address the problems in bespoke ways.

 Female Only Weight Loss Programme! 
Lose 10 - 20lbs and drop a dress size in 12 weeks!

Get in Touch

Contact me to find out more, chat further and book a session.


Phone. 07906 330305

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Covid Guarantee - Train Online!!

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If you're worried about starting a programme due to Covid-19 then don't worry, I've got your back! During these uncertain times it's even more important to look after our health and fitness. But, if you do start a programme with me, and you go into local (or national) lockdown or get unwell then we can either keep going online (the best option for results) or put your sessions on pause until we can resume safely in person. Many clients choose to continue with online sessions as it helps them to fit them into their busy work schedules and lunch breaks. Plus, all sessions will be covid-safe; this means disinfecting all equipment, I'll be wearing a face mask (you won't need to as you're exercising don't worry!) and we'll keep to a one-metre distance to ensure the risks are minimised. So, contact me now to get started with this 'Covid-guarantee' in place for peace of mind. 

Local + Distant Support = Train Anywhere at Anytime