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I wasn't drawn to fitness due to being born with a natural 8 pack and a gift for never-ending pull ups! I was drawn to it because I grew up in Hackney (one of the roughest boroughs in London) and needed to get tougher, more confident, faster and stronger. Though it started with a need for self-preservation, it turned into a thirst for knowledge that took me to the top Sports Science University in the UK (Loughborough) and blossomed to a place whereby I have helped literally thousands of people to improve their performance and eating habits. Whatever your reason for starting personal training, this is really one of the best investments you can make to your health and happiness. 


Personal Training


Each client I work with has a specific goal, a very individualised objective they’re trying to achieve, that often, no, always, requires an individualised solution. I work with my clients to excite, engage and empower them on the journey to reach their goals.



Every person is different, has different experiences, levels of fitness, knowledge, past performance, abilities and habits. A big part of my job is educating and teaching my clients the best methods in nutrition, fitness and lifestyle to achieve their goals and enjoy their bodies and lives.



Accountability & support are generally at the top of the list for reasons to engage a personal trainer or coach. Motivating and supporting my clients is my passion, and helping them enjoy the journey is the most rewarding part of the job.



My clients get results. That’s what it’s ultimately all about, right? I have over 13 years of experience helping clients reach and exceed their goals. I’m excited to see what you can achieve with a few sessions with me. ​

Performance Coaching

Squash and sports performance coaching is my other passion. A Level 3 England Squash and Performance Coach, I have a wealth of experience coaching juniors and adults, developing performance from beginner level up to regional levels.

Coaching with me will take your chosen game performance to the next level quite rapidly. I follow a structured approach to assess your physical movement, your technique and provide resources to enable you to take your mental game forwards to give you the confidence in challenging situations, and mental resilience when things get tough to up your performance and fitness.


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