Gain Muscle & Burn Fat

Ready to get bigger, leaner and stronger?

What's involved?

If you’ve been going to the gym regularly and can’t seem to get results, if you’ve never been able to build muscle and feel like you’ve hit a plateau or if you want to approach weight training in the right way and lose fat long-term, this programme is for you.

I put a plan together that will enable you to bypass many of the issues and faults that others experience or perhaps you’ve experienced in the past. It will include looking at your specific physical needs, working out what dietary requirements are going to make the difference in your life to get you to your goal and getting all these factors in alignment so we can track, build and deliver you the results that you want for your body.

Losing fat and gaining muscle doesn’t have to be a difficult process when you have the guidance of a professional who has achieved results hundreds of times before. So if you want to get bigger, leaner and stronger then contact me below and let’s get started on your physical transformation.

Strong Man
Heavy Weightlifter

The Muscle Building & Fat Loss Package Includes:

Initial Assessment & Exercise Programme

Home Mobility & Stretching Programme


Email Support & Daily Home Workouts


Full body fat measurement & re-assessment


Muscle measurements, tracking and goal setting programme


Tailored diet book for muscle gain and fat loss

Fabio's weight loss story:

"Having children is a shock to the system. Sleep, health and energy are washed down the drain and the only thing I gained (apart from unconditional love and great kids) was 5 extra stone in weight. So that is when I decided that I needed the help of Stephen.

I remember doing the measurements at the start and my body mass index was in the obese category and I felt shocked but then thought “well how accurate is the BMI anyway”! That was until he then measured my waist and then told me I am in the high risk factor. That was the moment when it really hit home for me. I had a young family and I needed to be there for them. So, I decided at that moment I was not going to quit. 

I noticed within the first week that my energy was much better. Normally I would get home from work and feel exhausted and shout at the kids or get stressed easily. That was not happening. I was coming home and had more energy and had a better mood too. I was a better dad, partner and work colleague just from eating better and exercising regularly.

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By the second week working with Stephen I noticed my focus at work had shifted. I had an incomplete project that was 3 years overdue. I started plugging away at it and resolved a giant backlog in a matter of days. Stephen gave me a habit tracker booklet and it was a game changer, it helped me keep consistent and focused. In the past I would start a new exercise routine or diet plan but life would get in the way and I would struggle to keep up with it. But a simple book helped me track my behaviour and keep focused even while the world went through a pandemic. In truth, I’m not quite where I want to be yet but I am around 13.7lb, so have lost 4.3 stone in 9 months and I feel brilliant. I've lost most of the fat needed now and I'm going to start gaining just a little muscle to get the body I've always dreamed of.

It’s 9 months on now and I now know that to gain control of my life and with a little continued and dedicated effort amazing things can happen. I still have sessions with Stephen to help me to maintain my new healthier lifestyle and lighter weight and I'm sure I will do so for the rest of my life!"

- Fabio, 38


Starter Muscle Gain & Fat Loss Package- 12 sessions over 6 weeks - £719 


Premium Muscle Gain & Fat Loss Package - 36 sessions over 3 months - £1,979