Lifestyle Fitness Package

Improve your fitness to look & feel stronger

What's involved?

So you don’t need to lose loads of weight, and you don’t fancy putting on loads of muscle, but you DO want to feel stronger, look healthier and have a lot more energy?


Maybe you’re concerned about the effects of a sedentary lifestyle? Maybe you have been meaning to start an exercise regime, but just haven’t found the time and frankly don’t quite know where to start? Then this package is for you.


As a ‘Lifestyle Fitness’ package, we aim to get the best of all worlds, by providing you with the appropriate diet advice, exercises and habits that will help you the most to reach your goals. This is the ‘no fluffy stuff’ package, for those of you who want to sharpen up your health and introduce a balanced exercise programme into your life, whilst introducing sustainable lifestyle changes that will improve your energy and increase your health and longevity.

Outdoor Fitness

The Lifestyle Fitness Package Includes:

Initial Assessment & Exercise Programme

Home Mobility & Stretching Programme


Email Support & Daily Home Workouts


Weekly tracking of measurements and food diary (if necessary)

“When I first started with Stephen I was very unfit. Too tired even to play with the kids and run around to play footie! I needed this to change. I said I wanted to lose weight too, but the first step was just to work on my fitness and feel healthier and happier. So Stephen created a personalised plan to help me get fitter and be able to run around at the park with my kids again. I'm happier, fitter, healthier and a better dad.”
- Fabio, 38


Kickstarter Package – online training

  • 5 sessions, £300

Get Back To Fitness Package

  • 10 sessions, £600

Premium* Lifestyle Package

  • 20 sessions, £1,100

  • *Includes full access to Daily Online Workouts