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Lifestyle Fitness Package

So you don’t need to lose loads of weight, and you don’t fancy putting on loads of muscle, but you DO want to feel stronger, look healthier and have a lot more energy?


As a ‘Lifestyle Fitness’ package, we aim to get the best of all worlds, by providing you with the appropriate diet advice, exercises and habits that will help you the most to reach your goals...

Weight Loss Package

Tried diets? Tried workouts? Don’t work for you?

Part of the problem with the diet and fitness industry is that most diets and workout plans are for the very healthy minority.


You see, instead of trying to fit you into a certain diet or workout routine, I will make them tailored to your exact body needs and goals...

Gain Muscle & Lose Fat Package

If you’ve been going to the gym regularly and can’t seem to get results, if you’ve never been able to build muscle and feel like you’ve hit a plateau or if you want to approach weight training in the right way and lose fat long-term, this programme is for you.

All Packages Include Bespoke Plans & More:

‘A 'one-size-fits-all' exercise approach simply does not work for most of us and we need exercises and support that suit our bodies, fitness levels, lifestyle and strength. That's why when you start a personal training plan with me, I will also create you a bespoke exercise and nutrition plan that works for you and helps you to meet your goals. This will be created after an initial body and posture assessment. A diet plan that's tailor made to your goal, food tastes and lifestyle requirements is one you'll actually be able to stick to. These plans, combined with regular coaching and training sessions, help you to improve your fitness and health in the fastest way possible and in a way that it can be maintained.’

  • Initial Assessment

  • Personalised Exercise Programme

  • Customised Diet Plan

  • Home Mobility & Stretching Programme

  • Email Support

  • Daily Home Workouts Plan

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Female Only Weight Loss 90 Day Programme!
Lose 10 - 20lbs and drop a dress size in 12 weeks!

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