3 Tips For Getting in Great Shape before Lockdown 2021 Ends!

We all know what it takes to stop gaining weight, lose weight, get fitter and feel better about our health. Intrinsically we all know how to do this. During Lockdown it has been even harder to prioritise our health because there has quite literally been more important things to consider: jobs, family, home-schooling!

So why is it so difficult?

Because we also love to eat nice things, enjoy TV programmes, spend time at home with all our comforts (or have to stay home if you’re in Lockdown!), and not get sweat in our eyes, feel pain in the moment and experience sore muscles constantly after workouts.

Things I hear from clients

Jeff: ‘Are you joking!? I’m not trying a cold shower. Nuh-uh.’

Sandra: ‘No chance of getting up any earlier to fit extra exercise in, I’m already as streamlined as I can be with my morning routine.’

James: ‘Try drinking black coffee instead of my caramel latte? Are you having a laugh?’

Also from the same clients…

Jeff: ‘You know, after my daily cold shower I feel so focused, razor sharp and ready to take on the day.’

Sandra: ‘Going to bed a bit earlier has done wonders for my productivity and mood, I don’t feel like I’m wasting my life away in front of the TV AND I can fit my morning workout in every day now.’

James: ‘This Americano stuff is actually pretty good, I still get the same caffeine hit!’

The Good Stuff

Here’s 3 suggestions as to how we can navigate this complicated Lockdown life and get into great shape before this is all over.

1. Start HIIT-ing

As of two days ago, I now have a two year old, and although she doesn’t hit all the time, she does seem to pick the best moments to give you a massive slap in the face! This is not actually what I mean of course, HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training. In short, a very time-effective way of having a great workout!

"Allow yourself to be a beginner, no one starts out excellent."

There are a number of great websites and articles that you can use to get started which also provide a lot of the science behind this miracle regime, but here’s one of the best:



2. Eat Food – Drink Water

This one is very simple to understand, and 1,000% harder to implement.

"Do or do not, there is no try."

Drink Water – we want to get all of our calories from food, or certainly the vast majority. It is extremely easy to over-consume calorific drinks, and you may well find cutting out drinking calories could be the one and only thing you need to do to lose weight!

Food = natural, un-messed with, unprocessed, not in a special and flashy packet, not containing 23 ingredients you can’t pronounce stuff. Remember? In short, the below from all natural sources:

- Fruit and vegetables

- Starchy food

- Dairy

- Protein

- Fat

This is a fantastic guide to help you through the supermarket. I highly recommend it! Yes it’s American, but ‘eggplant’ is ‘aubergine’, ‘cilantro’ is ‘coriander’ ‘jello’ is ‘jelly’ and that’s pretty much all there is different.

'Rich Food, Poor Food' by Jayson & Mira Calton


3. Hire a professional

If you’re learning a new sport and you’re serious about it, you join a team and get some coaching. If you want to learn the piano, you might try yourself and even be self-taught entirely, but likely you will want to get some lessons to speed up the process. If we’re sick, we go and see a doctor. If we want to start a business, we learn from those who have done it before and have become successful.

"Asking for help is a sign of strength not weakness."

Finding mentors and learning from those who are good teachers, coaches and practitioners is not new. In fact it is the fastest way and most sensible way to progress, learn and reach our goals.

I have helped hundreds of individual clients, and thousands of people through my online training programmes to reach their goals and get in great shape.

Find out more HERE how I can help you reach your goals online and in-person…

Yours in health,


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