Sports Performance Coaching

Improve your sporting and event performance to reach your potential.

What is Performance Coaching?

Whether you play squash, tennis, run, or compete in any other individual or team sport, then doing the correct strength and conditioning, stretching and core stability programme can make the winning difference and improve your sporting performance and massively decrease your risk of injury.

I regularly work with clients who are preparing to enter racket tournaments in squash or tennis, running half-marathons and marathons and design bespoke training plans to ensure they are fully prepared when it comes to the event. If you’re preparing for skiing this winter, I also provide preparatory training to make sure you’re physically up to the challenge whether you’re a complete beginner or tackling some of the most challenging slopes!

Male Tennis Player

 Your Bespoke Coaching includes: 

Initial Assessment & Exercise Programme

Home Mobility & Stretching Programme


Email Support & Daily Home Workouts


Functional screening to provide a road-map for individualised modifications


Personalised nutrition and lifestyle guidelines to maximise progress and recovery


Performance testing to monitor readiness and track progress

“I’m a semi-professional footballer and I just couldn’t find the right balance between my football training and the physical conditioning I needed to keep me at my peak. I’d often over train, get fatigued, play badly, rest up, train too hard – then repeat. Stephen designed a programme that built the right amount of work at the right time so I can perform at my best when it really mattered on game day. I now get picked for every match and feel stronger than ever before, and my team mates are now coming to me for advice!”
- Alex, 27

Ready to get started?

Short Term Performance Package - 12 sessions over 6 weeks - £719 or instalments 2 x £395 (10% more)


- Pro Performance Package - 36 sessions over 3 months - £2,070 or instalments 3 x £759 (10% more)

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