Squash Coaching

What’s Included:

  • Technical Assessment & Plan

  • Physical/Movement Assessment & Plan

  • Mental Game Guidance

  • Professional Service

  • On-Going Education

How It Works

Step 1 – Free Consultation


Before starting our coaching we will have a chat on the phone, or meet in person to discuss your experience, needs and goals with squash. What you’re hoping to achieve in your game will have a big impact on where our coaching leads us. Whether it’s your technique which you think is where you’d like to level up and play a wider variety of shots more accurately, and consistently, or maybe it’s your movement which needs improvement to get to more balls. We will identify quite quickly where you think you need to improve, then we move onto the next important step…

Step 2 – Our First Lesson - Technical & Movement Analysis


Often, not always, but often, the thing you think is most wrong with your game may not be what is actually your weakest area. Have you ever had a conversation with your opponent and been shocked by what they found difficult about your game? You may have thought that it’s your shot selection that is your strength, but in fact it’s the return of serve which your regular opponent is always envious of.


Here, we take guesswork out of the equation with a full technical and movement analysis to make sure we are focusing on the areas which will bring results to your game in the fastest and most impactful way.

[Depending on which package you go for, this will also include a full match analysis]

Step 3 – Get Training on Court


Depending on how many sessions we’ve booked in, the next 4-10 sessions will be focused on the plan we agreed together at the end of the first session. Aiming to improve your technical game, your physical movement round court, underpinned by an enhanced understanding of the rules and strategy of squash to upgrade your mental game.


Step 4 – Re-assessment & Goal Setting


Now having worked hard on court together, we assess how far you have come and what you are now able to do. Perhaps best demonstrated by a match analysis, or a competitive game against an opponent, I will assess the areas of improvement and again identify areas that your game will benefit from working on in the future.

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