Success Stories


Julian - Personal Training

‘My workouts with Stephen are always brilliant. He’s resourceful and inventive; he keeps challenging me to go a bit further than I think I can, but makes it fun, with plenty of variety, so I always come away feeling energised and happier.’

Jonathan - Personal Training


‘I'd describe training with Stephen, which I've done for over 3 years as enjoyable, rewarding and sometimes brutal. And not necessarily in that order!! He understands the goals you're trying to achieve, will mix things up to keep you motivated and never lets you cheat a rep. I definitely work an extra 10% harder when I train with him.’


Jane - Personal Training

‘My wife gave me a squash lesson with Steve for my birthday--and it was one of the best gifts I've ever had! Three years later my sessions with Steve are a highlight of my week -- I am much fitter than I have been in a long time, but they are always fun too. He understands my ability level but pushes me to do the best I can. During the pandemic we have done fitness sessions over Zoom so I don't lose my progress, which have been well-planned and enjoyable. I couldn't recommend him more.’ 

Andy - Squash Coaching


‘Training with Stephen was a new experience for me, I’d never had a Personal Trainer before. He works with me towards my goals and makes each training session specific to me. I really enjoy our sessions, and each session is different. He pushes me hard, but motivates me to push harder than I think I can, and further than I have before. I always come away from our sessions learning something new, to improve myself, or my training, nutrition, or lifestyle.’


At the age of 52 it’s now difficult to change old habits developed through over 35 years of playing squash. Stephen appreciates this and does not over-complicate our sessions. He thinks on his feet and each session commences with a chat about recent games I have had which helps me analyse it. He picks up on problem areas and orchestrates the sessions to address the problems in bespoke ways.


I would highly recommend Stephen. He'll improve your game and keep the training focused and effective.’

Pambos - Squash Coaching

Michael - Personal Training


I met with Stephen as I had a goal to lose a stone in 2 months. I started at 89kg, and by the end of the two months the weight had dropped off me and I’d lost 11kg, just under 2 stone! Stephen kept track of all my figures, he had a personalised workout plan for me aimed at my goals and helped me better understand things I should and shouldn’t be eating to help my progress. Sessions with Stephen were tough but all enjoyable and rewarding; I always felt like I had achieved something. He constantly kept me motivated and always pushed me forward.


Tracy - Personal Training

I intended to meet a couple of trainers before deciding whom to work with but having met Stephen, I knew immediately there was no need to keep looking. He is not only a dedicated and great personal trainer, but he is a really lovely guy with a personable manner, always reliable and punctual.

I enjoy my sessions with him, he works hard and expects me to work hard but he is sensitive to my capabilities. I am looking forward to our next 12 sessions having done 12 already!

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