Weight Loss Training

Accelerate your metabolism and help shift the weight and get you feeling fitter and stronger in no time!

What's involved?

Tried diets? Tried workouts? Don’t work for you?

Part of the problem with the diet and fitness industry is that most diets and workout plans are for the very healthy minority. You see, instead of trying to fit you into a certain diet or workout routine, I will tailor your workouts to your exact body needs and goals.


Accountability is the missing ingredient. First you must identify the right actions but next you must be consistent with them until them become ingrained into your habits. This is often the part that many people fall short on, they start strong and motivated and then life hits them and they fall off the wagon. The weekly sessions will help to find solutions the problems that come up along the way and help you to remain focus and energised with your health and fitness.

With this weight loss package I will design an exercise programme that will accelerate your metabolism and help shift the weight and get you feeling fitter and stronger. I’ll also tailor a diet plan to your specific needs, likes and dislikes so you can lose weight AND feel good about it at the same time.

You'll also experience:

  • Reduction of harmful/body fat

  • Reduction of visceral (internal) fat

  • Increased lean muscle

  • Increased muscle tone

  • Increased cardiovascular fitness

Checking Weight

The Weight Loss Package Includes:

Initial Assessment & Exercise Programme

Home Mobility & Stretching Programme


Email Support & Daily Home Workouts


Weight loss cheat sheets (hints and tips to build the habit of weight loss into your routine)


Recipe and smoothie book for weight loss


Tailored diet plan for weight loss


Full assessment and re-assessment of body fat and weight loss body measurements


Weekly tracking of measurements and food diary

“Training with Stephen was a new experience for me, I’d never had a Personal Trainer before. He works with me towards my weight loss goals and each session is specific to me. I really enjoy our sessions. He pushes me hard, but motivates me to push harder than I think I can and further than I have before. I’ve lost 2 stone since starting our programme 10 weeks ago, and I’m still really enjoying the process.”
- Sophie, 25

Ready to get started?

Starter Weight Loss Package - 12 sessions over 4-6 weeks - £540 or instalments 2 x £300 (10% more)


Pro Performance Package - 36 sessions over 3 months - £1,640 or instalments 3 x £595 (10% more)

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